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Efva Attling

Swedish Jewelry Master

Efva Attling is a European jewelry designer who was born in Sweden. Her works focus on the themes of simplicity and eternity while demonstrating female’s independent consciousness and an attitude towards the enjoyment of life. By integrating t...

design style: Northern European simplicity, romantic and aesthetic.


In 2011, the King of Sweden confered Efva with the Näringslivsmedaljen (an award from the Royal Swedish Patriotic Society).

Each year, Sweden confers this medal to 10 elite with outstanding contributions in respective industries. Efva was one of the 10 receivers, and was also one of the very few women that have received this award.


Joined the I Do’s team of European designers in 2009

In her first partnership with I Do, she designed a limited edition of wedding rings for the Coronation series. By introducing minded beauty into the designs, she launched a fashion tsunami in wedding rings in 2009.


Ian Douglas

New Zealand Jewelry Master

The love permeating from the products designed by Ian Douglas stems from his attentiveness to everything around him. In daily life, he sees everything around him with appreciating eyes and wholeheartedly translates this love into his cause which is as ...

design style: Perfect designing, techniques from New Zealand


In 2010, he was a winner of the Gemological Institute of America’s annual George Schuetz Award.


Joined the I Do’s team of European designers in 2012

The Annular Eclipse Series designed by Ian Douglas, an international jewel master designer from New Zealand, is prepared for predestined lovers. As a token of love, the radiant annular eclipse will witness an everlasting promise made a thousand years ago.