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I Do’s Oath

Would you take this woman as your

lawful wedded wife,to live together

in the holy state of matrimoney?

Yes , I Do.


Fine Workmanship

Anything that deserves being worn a lifetime must have been

created by someone at the expense of his whole life.
Through constant questing, by drawing extraordinary inspirations

from simple feelings and upon 120 working procedures,

rare diamond and precious metal have been organically combined

to produce fine works of art that meet the harshest requirements.

Creating artistic nature and tell the story about emotions at the expense of a lifetime.



Precious, rare and glittering diamonds,
lustrously beautiful colored gems,
exquisite design creativeness
and unrivalled craftsmanship,
highly legendary masterpieces.



I Do is the warmest expression of human emotions,
which is about the belief in ‘true love’.
It is not only about diamond,
but also about a lifelong promise.